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About NKSP

We’ve never wanted to be ‘just’ a fashion label that defines itself through quality and illustrations, but more importantly political people with an awareness for the developments on our planet and an opinion. Even the decision to base our label on the principle of organic cotton and Fair Wear was a political one but considering a sustainable perspective, it was the only logical approach to build a label, even though this leads to limited production possibilities.
We’ve always taken a clear stance as a label. We were sure the moment was right to release a t-shirt with a political message, after the far right and nationalist movement was getting stronger, especially during last year’s presidential election in Austria and the anger over the inhumane behaviour towards refugees and people with different opinions.
No to the resurgence of nationalist thinking, no to the increasing courage of fascists, no to the outdated attitudes towards gender roles and who should love whom and how! No to hate and petty thinking, yes to diversity, openness and what unites us.
If your opinion doesn’t restrict or negatively affect another person’s life, you’re a part of our crew. To anyone who thinks it’s necessary to spread his ideologic orientation, get lost, here is no place for you!
To anyone who feels the need to oppress others in any way, get lost, here is no place for you!
No place for homophobia, fascism, sexism and racism!
Unity in diversity