NKSP Vienna is a collaboration between us, Cathi & Tom, and is the result of our diverse individual backgrounds and our shared love for design, music, and craftsmanship. All our products are personally designed and packaged by us, and indeed, we produce most of our products right here in Vienna. We hand-draw, print, sew, model, and photograph ourselves.

We never wanted to be just a brand but, above all, politically engaged individuals with an awareness of the developments on our planet and an opinion. We have always taken a clear stance. No to the resurgence of nationalist thinking, no to the growing boldness of fascists, no to outdated attitudes towards gender roles, and to who and how one should love! No to hate and narrow-minded thinking, yes to diversity, openness, and what unites us. To all those who feel the urge to oppress others in any way, disappear, there is no place for you here! By the way, the name "Nullkommasiebenprozent" is derived from the proportion of organic cotton in the total cotton production. Less than you thought, right? Cheers, Cathi & Tom.

our store

wier in the yard

Visit us in our store at Neubaugasse 27 in 1070 Vienna. In addition to NKSP, you can also find other sustainable products here such as those from our partner Good Kids Bad Society. It's worth stopping by!