Tattoos are passionate, honest and uncompromising.

We don't simply like tattoos. We are particularly interested in the person behind them and the style and motives that evolve.

Hence, we are very excited to finally present you our NKSP TATTOO ARTIST SERIES.

In the next couple of months we will be releasing prints at irregular intervals that are not our own but designed by trusted tattoo artists. Luckily, we know many great artists in Vienna so finding the first few for our project was easy enough. Collaborations with Israeli and German artists are in preparation as well.

As overall motto we took our political guideline "no place for homophobia, fascism, sexism and racism" but we still gave the artists free rein to interpret this concept. If we know one thing for sure than that the best pieces emerge when the process of designing is fun and the artist is allowed to do whatever she/he wants.

Our first artist is Jacob Jason , who didn't just tattoo both of us but is also politically and artistically more than stable. Out of his experiences and the current political development he decided to donate a part of the profits to the "Rote Hilfe" which is an organization that supports prisoners and criminalized people who are attacked for their left-wing conviction. We want to support this great idea by donating 4€ for each sold T-shirt to the "Rote Hilfe" as well.

Let us know what you think about our new project and look forward to the upcoming artists.

Jacob Jason

Jacob Jason at Vienna Electric Tattoo


Nullkomma Siebenprozent